June 25, 2009

Dave Swift Real Talk/No More Insane Genius Status

Issue 65 of The Skateboard Mag has risen to required reading/purchasing status for a number of reasons, the original reason being, as mentioned before, that a Jereme Roger's retirement statement would be published in it. The second and way cooler reason for you to grab a copy of the magazine was the fact that our very own, Sam McGuire has a long Midwest Article in #65, featuring many of our friends and associates. I grabbed the magazine today, and came upon the third reason it is a must have; Dave Swift used his "Initial Remarks" section to explain Roger's inclusion in the magazine, and then to basically repudiate the kid for what, in essence, Swift feels is a waste of pages in The Mag. It's a classic example of skateboarders trying to keep skateboarding in check, and is a must read.

Otherwise, check out A Day In The Life Of The Whodi via The Hesh, get Tweeted on by Nesser, check out the Barge BQ this weekend, wrap your brain around the fact the Lebron and Shaq will play together, and then sit back, and cross your fingers for The Wolves in tonight's NBA Draft.


thekettleblackest said...

Can you please scan and post J-R Blastoff's statement in The Skateboard Mag? I am dying to see what he has to say for himself. Dude is straight up delusional.

platinumseagulls said...

I don't feel right scanning the statement because I work for them (and I felt like a total booster just writing the post), but I will totally link to it if I find it elsewhere, which seems like a foregone conclusion.

thekettleblackest said...

Ah, ok.
If I find it I will post the link here.