April 13, 2009

Skater Dater

Peep this article "about" dating skateboarders, and as I was told, be aware that the comments are the best part. Link jacked from Pat, thanks.

I'm still not into Twitter.

Gonna nerd out hard on Backstory.

Ok, that is all.


cynthia said...

So good! Comments are the best part!

Mustach Update said...

Was that article for real? I would like to think of us skateboarders as some of the most passionate people around.

Michellecopter said...

"I fucked her then ordered FORTY NUGGETS"

Anonymous said...

"You are so dumb!!!
let me fuck the shit out of you!"


Anonymous said...

brayden's comment was the best in my opinion, who the fuck does that bitch think she is anyways??? im not a pizza face!

Scott said...

This is good enough reason to get twitter.