April 14, 2009

Morbidly True

An old video but it hasn't been online for a sec, and it's a good video too, just look at Steve doing that hippy jump out of canyon ollie; but still, it's old, and my motivation to really think of shit for this website really broke down once the sun consistently shined and we had a chance to beat two times freezing any given day.

Then again, I just wonder if I even need to say anything about what is going on with Koston, or if I'm better suited to just posting Slate's defense of Limb Bizkit. I'm going with the latter.

Platinum Scoop!
We've obtained footage of well known adorable skate pixie DTorg.org getting into a very physical altercation with a well known and high profile teammate, view it here. This is not for the faint of heart, Davis makes Christian Bale's recent explosion look like amateur hour.

PS: I like this Boil The Ocean post. Also to be pondered; if pirates were the new Johnny Depp, then vampires were the new pirates, then zombies are the new vampires (well worth your read), how long will it take the pirates to overtake the zombies again?

And just to be safe, I checked.


Mustach Update said...

In regards to that malto/davis wrestling match. check it we called it. second post.

(turn volume all the way up, shitty sound quality yet.)

HPJ said...


Too much free time said...

MN being over run by zombies is inevitable. Better shore up our defenses at this: http://www.dpmsinc.com/outbreak/
Ask your self, after the zombie apocalypse, what will the new world order of gun shop commandos and Dungeons and Dragons gamers look like?

Extreme Ash said...

Click on this, and go to calculate risk...it's really totally fun: