April 21, 2009

Fear of a Platinum Planet

Steve was just at The Berrics and did 27 frontside ollies in a row! I know! View the best 9 of them right here boi!.

My last post was so controversial that Badger pulled the footage. Hopefully it resurfaces as a smaller part of a larger project. Sorry Badger!

Yesterday for 420 NPR aired an amazing story based upon the hypothetical that marijuana had been legal for two years, and they were reporting on the state of things. Here's the link, and definitely listen.

Doing the so-called impossible, Sam McGuire is exactly one step ahead of Google.

Could this be my last link about Twitter? Or wait, maybe this one is. Nevermind.

I'm not going to blather about the NBA Playoffs, no, I'll spare you all right now, but seriously, I have to bring up the fact that Tupac is alive and well and was at the Celtics/Bulls game last night. If I came back from the dead you know that's the type of shit I'd be doing.


NYC Scottish Dancers said...

Nah Mike, this was my fault, I was not told not to post but should have held out, rad controversy though...more to follow???

Mustach Update said...

Hey, assuming you love ian sherman as much as us, go check him out and vote for him on the maloof money cup site.
here is where you register, http://www.allisports.com/user/register
and then search for a ad saying "search for ams"
trust me

TrendKiller! said...

That skateboarding is far from Pure! 9 slow motion ollies, big fuckin deal! 'Slow Motion Skateboard Movie Stars' !Suck!
Who's on what shoe team???? I need to know, I need new shoes.

THE HESH said...

trend killer I hope that's some sarcasm... I'm sure your frontside airs are lacking the FUCKIN swagger Mr. Nesser's have.