March 11, 2009

Locs...Rada Espinoza

Photo by Juri Loginov

Name: Rada Espinoza

Nicknames: Prieto, Mexi-can...not a Mexi-can't, El Jefe

Age: Treinta y tres

What's your deal? Work like a dog.

Where are you doing it? Minnesota

How high can you ollie? Full grown Great Dane.

Can I have your board? It's yours. I'll leave it at La Siesta, "Just the board."

Favorite local video? Don't have one yet.

Whats in your car? Everything!

It's a hot day, skating or swimming? Must have all.

Who's you favorite local skater? Rocco Espinoza

Where's the best place to eat? Sushi with Yo Hasegawa.

Mini-Ramp and beer or street? One at a time.

How old are you in skate years? 25

It's 10PM on Saturday night, what are you doing? Looking for trouble with Mr. Nesser.


Extreme Ash said...

I heard Rocco's killing it...blogs are already on fire.

Anonymous said...

i love the photo...props to juri!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One of the sickest ever!

Anonymous said...

WHo's that Yuri Loginov guy?

Maik said...

he,s my friend!!!! holy grind!!!