February 19, 2009

Hating on Facebook and Babes

By now you've probably seen the Spanish language Snickers Commercial that is such an obvious rip-off of Fully Flared that no discussion is even necessary. Yeah, it's been all over the interweb, here, here, here again and even here. So is there an original spin to put on this thing? Sort off... Here's the dude Mexico City Max who was in town to skate the Damn Am a year or two back. He was a ripper and cool and shit. And then a screen shot from the ad in question shows... The same dude? I don't know, but it seems more than possible. Gotta get them pesos hijo!

While I was trying to read last night, I heard my loud as neighbor that lives upstairs come home. I overheard him say something like, speaking about me, "The guy downstairs, he's like an adult." That kid bugs me.

As the title of the post suggests, someone was thinking that I was hating on babes, as said in the comments on the previous post. I'd never hate on babes, but, those Facebook date-ad chicks look like internet porn chicks. Look: And then I did some "research" and managed to make the following for some compare and contrast:

With that out of the way, let's move on. Luke stumbled upon this page, which appears to be the archive of some blog that Sam had at some point. Like Luke mentioned, there's a ton of gems on there from roughly three years back. G'times!

Finally, I'd like to think that the fact he got banned contributed to this: Rashad McCants traded! May we never speak his name again.


Scott said...

I like porn chicks.

Anonymous said...

We got that Bobby Brown!!!!

Johnny Reds said...

I like porn chicks too. Internet or not. I know what you mean though. They're kinda just annoying to even look at.