January 3, 2009

Wasted Years

Iron Maiden has a song called Wasted Years (and holy shit that video is awesome) where they talk about nostalgia and wasted years and golden years and all that. It's deep metal that tells to get all carpe diem and shit, and I like that.

Much of 2007 was a wasted year for me, I can't even take Maiden's advice and make it a golden year, but seriously, 2008 ripped; ripped me apart, ripped me back together, ripped me a new asshole, you know, it was amazing on many, many levels. Good shit is what they call 2008. So when all my friends on their respective blogs are putting up New Year's resolutions and whatnot, here's my look back at a year that was overall good and awesome where I took one more baby-step towards being an adult without taking that many adult steps back. I hope this doesn't suck.

January The tone was set for 2008 when I'd left the champagne for New Years in the freezer and we discovered our frozen bubbly around 11:47 PM, December 31st, 2007. It was the beginning of the end for me and Ash when I suggested that we just put the bottle in the oven to thaw it. Choass. That one chick on Hennepin Ave. in front of a pool of blood. January, bloody January.

February Sam stayed at the house and this is one of the millions of photos that I took throughout the year of his various "office" setups at various locales. Not a whole lot happened in February.

March This one dude I know, Tucker, started drinking in 2008, and this is when the weight of non-sobriety really hit him; it goes to show that you actually cannot indescriminately mix alcohol and make drinks and drink them. RIP The Kneepad. Went to Iowa City for spring break; it ruled way harder than it sounds, seriously. Here Sam and Cutty are committing the amazing "double dutch" move that will set off a dance party any place, anytime. The Picador rips. "Cheese like hamburger" was hot. SB08 son! We went to the Rec Center one day and had a diving contest and then me and Cutty met these chicks at the bar. Still got a crush on the one on the right, I'll see her in Ames, some day. Obviously amazing. Got pulled over the next day for speeding on the way home and the officer informed me that he could totally smell booze on me and then it dawned on me that you could get DUI's the next day, but I didn't.

April The Mag got us a room for Top Shop so we did a bunch of stupid shit in there. Make mistakes and make memories...a dreaded walk of shame.

May Was back in Iowa for a Girl demo but obviously MJ didn't make it. Des Moines mall, peep the back of my car for proof of purchase. Made out with a high school teacher in Missoula, MT, and she wrote down her number for me. Beer Up, Bro Down. Joe took the "Bro Down" portion way too seriously.

June All Tomorrow's Parties was the theme early in June. Sam will grind da shit out of datazz, right? The next day we got slurpies. Then we drove out to Cali; here we are in the foothills of the Rockies. Young Blood, Mind Field. Then for what seemed like a week solid, we'd wake up, get coffee, drive to a spot, halfway set-up a board, then drive to a spot, set-up the board almost, drive to another spot, get the board set-up, get kicked out, then go home and barbeque, drink some beers, watch the Celtics win the Championship, see KG go insane, repeat. It was almost like that. In Costa Mesa Todd had an underwater housing for his digi. Sam, as always, hot. Biked to the beach everyday. Hopped a plane to New York City. Like Lil' Dap said, it's the, "Big fuckin' apple where niggaz get busy." Got busy for sure... In good times and in bad... Had a crush on Ambra for ever back in the day. Days boiled down to walking out of the house at an ever and ever later hour, drinking coffee, skating, and then around dusk or so winding up in Tompkin's Square Park for flat ground right before we started...

July Drinking. At this point, "It was morning in Berlin," for sure. Early in on my stay in NYC, Neal got convinced that there were bed bugs in his room, so here he is "sleeping" in the living room. I stayed in his room on the floor and never got bit. I got home and when I was staying at Meyer's house, I indeed got bit; some fool bit my foot and here it is swollen. Three days of hell. Wizard Staffs or whatever you call those things arriba norte; I was +6 wizard status with miraculous technique.

August Didn't take many photos in August; most of it was filled with biking and some mini-ramp and beers and Ten Year Anniversary tricks and sunglasses and partying on roofs. Times were easier and good; Tucker, Tim and Juri knew and know what's up.

September Water World. Steve felt the vibe about skating rivers and was all 'bout his new homies. Wizard Staffing Solutions and a farewell to EC.


Johnny Vang had a bachelor party and after all the stupid shit we did on the party bus, where I lost my camera, there was no way in hell that the birds driving the bus were giving me back the damn thing. Just imagine pics from BYRJ, the party bus, Vang's wedding, etc. It was tough man, tough.

December Here the venerable Cody and I pose for Prom New Years 08-09 and so forth; I came up on a camera, sort of have a hard time remembering I did, and there you go, a year of my life in random photos. Some are pictures of big ideas, some are small ideas, some are from the vault just for fun.

If I make one resolution it's to make the '09 better than the '08, which in retrospect of 20/20 vision, might not be that easy, but I know the ball is in my court. I also know I need pictures of all the new friends I made in the latter half of the '08, get ready fools. Happy New Years lovely Plat readers, I'm out!


Cody Girl said...

ha ha awesome! Wait till my mom and dad see!! Your looks pretty sweet I do have to say. Send me you F book link codyjoan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Uh, Mo-Munz. Your mind never stops working - love it. Miss you my friend.


Sam said...

whats up with october marty?

Anonymous said...

KG is nuts


pretty good blog discussin him


Anonymous said...

i just heard my neighbor below me bone some chick while listening to some tribal beats. some guys get all the luck.

typoscura said...

keep it tribal!

Cody Girl said...

* your year :::that is

Extreme Ash said...

I forgot about that blood photo. That shit was gnarly. oh 2008, gone, but not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

why does this blog read like some shitty senior year book? Remember us always...blah blah blah. This is some bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Im with the last post, this is turning super gay, and another thing, wat up with Slate being a favored link on the plat survey?? Get over it, nobody cares about politics, if they did they would not be visiting the Plat

platinumseagulls said...

Shitty content since 2002, remember?