December 17, 2008

Ten things in '09

Five trips to the steep-bank of doom, one nollie heel flip fakie landed on the fifth trip three different times. I landed on the one above, didn't ride away. I gotta film another video part, and I'm glad I never have to skate that stupid thing again, no matter how fun it really was; Photo by Joe Blum.

1. Film another video part. I was talking about Weekend Warriors in a post below, and now I gotta get two minutes of foote in a year, when my (usable) two minutes of foote for WW took about three years to get. Wish me luck.

2. Stay on track to finish school in a timely manner. Shit's about to get hectic.

3. Get the hell to Mazatlan.

4. NYC, LA, and maybe like, Austin, TX?

5. Handle a ton of Lurfing.

6. Unlock my I-phone.

7. (Not) completely and utterly lose all faith in the Timberwolves as a team, organization, and as a motherfuckin' crew. Could be harder than filming a video part.

8. Europe?

9. Write about something other than skateboarding, have it published, and get paid for it. I'm pretty much fine with this at #9 though.

10. More cabins, more sneaking into hotels and using the hot-tub, more hot-tubs in general, more rooftops, more biking, more fine dining, more reading; more awesome, since this is #10.

On the outside looking in: Quitting sinning, escaping hell, win all the Dew Tour stops, get that Black Amex-why not?, see Iron Maiden in Sweden, get someone to name their first-born after me, perfect the hecto-buck (the most dangerous of them all), make sure that Beer Up, Bro Down Part II happens, go to some really crappy city for no reason, somehow get another skate-photo published in a magazine, get a clip in Beez 4, make out with a chick while listening to November Rain again, write the Great American Novel.


Scott said...

The fact that you've done anything worthwhile when November Rain is playing is worth some applause.

Secondly, talk to B. Meyer. Free place to stay in LA if you want!

Anonymous said...

Any trick on the piece of frustrating shit triangle is impressive... I ate shit all day trying to get any trick I could and still didn't get one... Kudos

Anonymous said...

Beer up bro 2!!!
Hell yeah, I am going to try not to drunkenly skate at full speed into as many potholes in 09.....

Anonymous said...

Beez would be proud

cynthia said...

NY! Europe with our bikes!

Anonymous said...

go to austin, tx. its awesome skating is good, people are great, and tons of good music everywhere