August 22, 2008

Lurf Habit

London came up on the proof of lurfing. Neither of us had the digi-cams with us, but we did have a phone flicker that actually doesn't look all that bad. Oh yeah, the VX-1000 was sitting in the car the whole time. Know it to blow it, right?

You know a rep is bad when he's described as "a sketchy rep," due to reps being inherently sketch in the first place. Right?

New poll is about "epic," as a word in skateboarding and if we need to leave it behind in our ongoing pursuit of slang and such. So weigh in, is "epic" played out or not?

What you drinking at the Boondoggle premiere? Oh snap! Speculate about the video in the comments. Who's got last part?

More cab backtail bigspins right here courtesy of Kellen James. I think the word for that part is booyakai.

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Anonymous said...

Wikner says epic alot.