December 6, 2008

Steady Cam'n

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

I have no recollection of why Benji had rented a steady cam mount but that meant shit was on. Hey, let's have a photo shoot in the basement and dork out with the thing. It was some summer and Sam was crashing down there and he shot the photo above. Wearing a steady cam mount is really strange and cumbersome; you feel like an android, or some shit-yeah? The whole rig-up thing doesn't really even work that intuitively, and I really have much respect for people that can run that type of thing. A point in case, my favorite scene from my favorite movie, the oh so famous steady cam scene from Goodfellas imbedded below: It really gets no better than that. Lorraine Bracco is a hit for sure as well, and while she's played alternately Jewish girls and Italian girls in film, I'll just chalk her up as yet another Jewish girl I can have a crush on.

And so it seems the steady cam begets the long single take scene; Ty Evans knows what's up and gets steady with this amazing video. It's almost a shame that 411 isn't around in its original form so proper skate commercials get widely seen, but maybe the internet is more effective. Yeah. Babbling?

While "researching" this post, I rewatched Vincent Alvarez's part and got sparked on it. Fast skating and stylish imperfection will never go out of style; now I just need someone to purportedly check their pager during a line again.

If you didn't check the previous link know that it was Kareem Campbell, one of the most innately stylish skaters ever who possessed the pop that we all fucking want.

But yeah, this went way random, and I just want to say that I saw Kareem at The Berrics this summer and he had a skateboard and we were there for two hours or so but he never skated. It kind of sucked, if only for that what if factor. I'd have loved to seen him push.

As a wrap up to all this nerd out video type shit, check out A Visual Sound's write up on Penal Code, for proper musical nerd-out on one of the best skate videos ever made.


DMB said...

Claiming Kareem has the best style is like claiming you know the meaning of life...I'm pretty sure I know the meaning of life.

Anonymous said...

you're into the jews too?