December 8, 2008


I haven't mentioned much regarding my beloved though much maligned Timberwolves recently, trying to keep in mind that old mantra that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all (though that's pretty much only been extended to the lowly T-Pups, since you know, we hate on stuff sometimes...). But there's actual news here with the chance for a tad bit of analysis, they fired Randy Wittman and now Kevin McHale will be the head coach. Here's the kicker though, and I'm still awaiting further news on the matter...McHale is strictly the coach now, and no longer the General Manager.

This has a ton of implications, seeing as how McHale is fully in control of McHale's Monster, and now if he's not the GM, does that mean The Mayor, Mr. Fred Hoiberg takes over? Will McHale take over as GM after his coaching stint is up when we hopefully hire a more well-known coaching quantity next summer (ex-Wolf and recently fired Toronto Coach Sam Mitchell anyone?)? I would love to hope so, but you know, the Wolves do as the Wolves always go. It sucks that Wittman is really getting the short end here, in light of what he has to work with, but hopefully (and I'm not just a blind-McHale/Glen Taylor basher here), just hopefully, what we're hearing right now is the first couple of notes of Kevin McHale's swan song with this franchise.

So that's that for now. I'm going to the game on Friday and it'll be interesting to see what the hecklers have to say to McHale when he's front and center on the bench. I think I pity the fool.

Onto other things, the ever elusive Damiano has posted a bevy of memories over at his tea party; highlights include pirates, the young Whodi, this, and definitely this. Rumor has it he has more; who remembers when he shot skate photos too? Hidden gems I hope.

LOA did it again, this time with the mindfuckingly radical Chris Dane Owens, one mystical, epic dude. Sit through the whole thing and you won't look at reality the same, ever.

Wiskate's Tenth Birthday is coming up quick, and while I was invited to a birthday jam in Milwaukee of sorts and totally forgot to text Sanji back because I was busy winning a game of Scrabble and now I realized that I can't make it due to being booked solid through January, if there's nothing holding you back make it out there when the information goes live. Ten years in skate website years is like the age of the universe or something, hecka old. Thanks to Ellis and co. and Al Gore for making Wiskate a reality.

Finally, check out this article about Beethoven and the Illuminati. I couldn't help much but see the parallels between the following and the current phenomena of our batch of home-schooled skate prodigies:

Which is to say that Beethoven was a prodigy and had the classic prodigy's trouble: He knew all about music, but he didn't know how to live. He had only a hazy sense of the reality of other people. Throughout Beethoven's youth, a row of mentors would attempt to civilize and socialize him, with mixed results.

That sounds about right in light of some of my dealings with the current crop of never-had-a-jobbers, but whatever. Aside from alluding to the short lived board company, any connections to the Illuminati side of the story are still forthcoming, though I must say that the Beethoven to Illuminati connections, tantalizing in some conspiracy minded way, may not be tenuous but there still isn't much of a payout.

Bonus: When KG lost his mind after winning the Finals this past summer, you'd think that he'd eventually find it again. Not really it seems, here he is taunting the hell out of Jose Calderon, and for this next one, pay attention, he actually gets down on all fours when he's picking up Jarryd Bayless. I have no idea why he's guarding the point guard in the first place, but whatever. KG is insane.


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