December 15, 2008

A Life's Pursuit

If you can believe it, Weekend Warriors will be three years old come February. Come next year, December to be precise, Midopoly will be ten years old. Hot damn! It's hard to say what I've been doing skateboard-wise since WW came out, though I think that Steve pretty much hit's it on the nose when he tells be there's more out there than PBR and mini-ramps. Ah hell though, up above is the WW line-up before Bauman was brought into the fold; must have been spring of '05, look closely and see the affects of Jagermeister on my face.

So yeah, it looks like Wayne turned himself in. I like Turkey's bravado in the comments regarding the original story about the perv above, but you gotta figure the guy was targeting the kids that were least likely to drop his ass. You know?

Davis does some ripping via Nike at Tampa, and he looks good doing it, but then the real world steps back in and he's just another dude working at the shop. Paradoxical!

Onward to basketball; see how many teams you can name in three minutes. I got 24 my first try, and four hours later I topped out at 28. More on KG talking shit. I can't help but think about all the shit-talking that takes place during a normal session; what purpose does it serve anyways...?

We used to rip The Front hard back in the day and then go play leg guitar on the street. Yup, same night, look into my eyes in the photo above and it makes sense. We walked back to 1072 that night. It's easy to be all nostalgic when it's this goddamn cold out.

If you can be there be there, I can't...

I'm stating the obvious, but Mind Field is going to fucking melt faces, just look at the line-up there son. Carry on.

Be sure to jump over some of your friends or other random shit this week!


Anonymous said...

Reider and Van Engelen...keep the rest.

platinumseagulls said...

Please Rolo, you disservice yourself:
Arto: Way too proper flatground.
Mikey Taylor: Won't do him justice.
Kalis: You're doin' it to yoself, again.
Omar: Hating on Omar?
Dill: Hating on Dill?
Dyrdek: Will have surprises, he's not a favorite, but he beat the system, and that's enough.
Grant Taylor: Will be secretly awesome, watch the Nike clip of Tampa for proof.
Jake Johnson: Don't know shit about him, probably secretly awesome.
Tyler Bledsoe: Will be TSM Am of the Year after this part.

Not gonna disagree on your dudes either, but there was some recent ad where Reider looked like a brown haired Lindsay Lohan, justsayyin'.

Anonymous said...

Bitin'! We already did that photo... A few ago...!