October 10, 2008

Times Just Might Be Weird These Days

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Exhibit A: Chad and Dennis teamed up for some shit for the newest and maybe most viable social networking/skateboard site, and came up with pretty much a gem. Isn't it funny that Chad gets older and still gets better? What about a full time job and two kids? Amazing. I still think switch boardslide to switch crook to regs would be really rad. Think it over for part two, K? Exhibit B: The "proper arch" maker as seen in Sky Mall. I think I ripped that out, gawsh, when I was coming home from Tampa in January? Cool. Exhibit C: The Zombie Skate Punk costume from the Party Town or something insert in the newest Vita.mn mag. Whoever came up with that, no matter how much it actually sucks, actually rules, a lot I might add.

I don't think there are anymore exhibits. I did borrow my title from Todd's awesome post; peep me body surfing in there and keep in mind that I did a double barrel just after he shot that. Also keep in mind that while I was playing Apples to Apples tonight I did get a red card that had body surfing on it, and I did announce to Ash, Stacy, and Amber Jean that I had just got the best card ever.

I'm actually not sore today for the first time since Ramp Jam, but my knee, for those who may have seen it, is still partially fucked; mainly just hella sensitive.

Peep the new Skateboarder for a hilarious Nesser thing (his house is sick!), and a sequence of Nollie Heel Guy's, I mean, Davis' trick over that rail in somewhere. The interview he gave to Nieratko is riveting, by the way.

Have fun this weekend; I'm about to git buck! for Johnny Vang's bachelor party on Saturday. See ya'll at the Lamplighter.


Anonymous said...

Clint Peterson Bangin' up on the Berrics today.

Anonymous said...

did muller make you pay for that session?

Anonymous said...

chads been bangin since u was 11 bitch.

get ill,
get old,
get betta.