September 22, 2008

Git Buck!

Ah yes, another weekend, another amazing time traveling experience; where does the time go? Cutty and Sam, the hot ass men above were helping Kyle, Bonnie and I hold it down all weekend. We merked The Front, handled skate day challenges on Saturday, and then got froggy again that night. Thatch and Cookie's show last night was a good low-key bro-storm. Thanks you guys. And then it was Monday.

Skatistan is awesome and inspiring. I saw that link on Skatedaily.

How long has this HD foote thing been going on? Not that long, right? Well, while watching this, I have to say, The slo-mo HD montage thingy with the roll ups and all that shit and the testing of the rail/ledge/etc. has officially become a parody of itself. I mean, the foote is sick, but I'm tired of watching that same montage over and over.

Hot new gear, you know who Seekins is? Now you do.

That's wassup, again.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are tottaly gay calling those dudes HOT ASS MEN! FAG.

Anonymous said...

Gay Porn Videos Starring Chad Benson.Here you go if your looking at calling dudes hot ass men.

Scott said...

The walk up and testing the ledge/rail was pretty much stale since perhaps day 2. This video pretty much made it nearly full on parody. Speaking of which can we get a full on skateboard video parody movie? Imagine a entire part that consisted of a guy walking up to all the ledges and rails and what not that he intended to skate but never did do a single thing.

That would be very avant-garde.

Extreme Ash said...

HOT ASS MEN Fo Sho. I'd like to point out that I received no mention in this weekend, while in fact I made it to the front and I hosted the after party that you dudes rolled to Saturday. Mad haterish.