September 11, 2008

Coverage Meter

If Davis gets credit on the coverage meter for all the mentions and foote he's getting posted on here, then he's like, fucking wrecking it right now. Take the video above as an example, what, he had like two minutes of foote in there. Good golly. Youtube from The Hesh.

Then there's a little trip to Wisconsin that went down last week with Nesser, Luke, Wayne, Zeddie and Sam. Those parks look hella fun, if not a bit scary. I made it to the Delton park in passying, though it was mostly underwater at the time hindering shredability. Dan and Chad say that park sucks too, but...really? However you got to live guys.

The dudes at Wiskate have a bit of a post frenzy going on, reminding me of some of the fun shit that I should be out doing like all the time. That trans-dimensional vortex like place is haunting. If I keep flaking on trips to Milwaukee maybe I'll end up there?

First he popped up on The Facebook, and now, he's blogging, again...Todd the Blog God, @ Hardflip.

Conversation starter: Ron Knigge.

And we're almost to the weekend. They just keep coming don't they?


Anonymous said...

Those Wisconsin parks are way fuckin sick, endless lines, smooth concete, and perfect trannies. Much better than some stupid, nothing over so many feet tall, True Ride/Skatewave parks.

Anonymous said...

If Dan and Chad think our parks suck then fuck you stay the fuck out of Wisconsin.We don't need you anyway fuckers!

Anonymous said...

Ron Knigge was the shit back in the day. Super tech, good style, new deal...

whatever happened to that dude??

(360 inward heelflip 15 years ago)

his children of the sun part was rad too. (Still got the VHS in my stash)