September 9, 2008


The river skate ripped. Photos here and better ones here.

Spoke to Wizard today about the Wizard Party and he said it best, "I saw the beer can go flying, and then you go flying." He also proposed that I'm related to Dusty's dog (as seen in Weekend Warriors); pick the biggest person in the room and go for it!

Not much else crackin'. Here are the Gino episodes for the commenter who wanted them embedded:
Part 1

Part 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch Mike. Gino's the best...a most interesting story. Hopefully he keeps putting out video parts. Post all of 'em if you wanna hook a brotha up. It just makes my day to watch those ya know?

Anonymous said...

Sick, ripping on the river. X-gaymes might steal it from you for next year. Looking forward to the red wave challenge. Will have a cold one for Van r.i.p.

Anonymous said...

Good words.