August 1, 2008

Welcome Back

I've come to find recently that Bobby Puleo is a very polarizing figure in skateboarding. I for one, have been into the dude since his part in the second FTC video; hell, his Wheels of Fortune was pretty wicked too. I've always followed his shit and been generally hyped on it, maybe it shows through the way I skate, maybe not.

Like I said, I've been hearing recently, that, a lot of people think his brand of skateboarding is pretty much B.S. And while I'll give an inch on the simplicity of it at times, I still like to put his Static 2 part out there and dare fools not to be hyped. And they aren't. Love him or hate him...either way, I've heard he's a pretty big jerk, so who knows.

The point is, that maybe I'd given into the haters; recently I thought that Puleo was falling off. Aside from the sketchy bum look that he'd been rocking, the bits and pieces of footage that I'd been seeing seemed, well, sub-Puleo. Like he was coasting or something? If you're half assing it on a cellar door, man it shows. But then I peeped the new Traffic video (available for viewing at the link), and I'm pretty much back on the boat. What you have there is a pretty much full part, lots of night footage, lots of hops, lots of random shit skate, and a couple of ah shit moments that ought to make you want to run out the door and shred. There was still some whatevers moments in there, but for the most part, it was hecka rad, and I think that that's only partly attributable to BDP Productions song that he skates to (that song helped for sure, and the fact that it's summer and all that).

Thanks for the shout Josh. I hope this wasn't too serious.

Edit: I watched Puleo's new part again, and I'm just gonna say it's banging, no hedging or hemming and hawing. Banging. But yeah, I should mention the rest of the vid, I mean, you can watch it, but why shouldn't I talk about it? So Puleo is back to form and it's gritty and rad and hip hop and night foote. There's a team montage that goes well, Oyola looked good, Henry Panza is a beast, and Rich Adler continues to confound. Then it's Jack Sabback.

At least for me, Sabback's part is rad, hot and hazy due to the spots and the city and the song he uses. It's mad ethereal in a way, kid. But of course, he does a ton of awesome shit balances and if you haven't watched it by now...

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cosign on the boogie down