August 1, 2008

Off The Road

Well, after nearly seven weeks of floor surfing, because I nearly never slept on a couch during the past time period, I've made it back home, a home of sorts, and here I am. The picture above is of me at That 70's Party, which took place in the distant past when I was 18 and lived at this one house. The story then, and is now, that I finally found my bed, but then I ended up getting a ton of shit piled on me. There seemed to be poetry when the words were in my head, but now, not so much. The rest of this post is devoted to the Best Summer Ever, which is something that loyal Plat readers will recognize; I should also point out that I'm trying to give up the bitter concoction that was and maybe is BFSE, we'll see. The picture above was a random and rather scandalous night at 1072. Faces are obscured to protect the innocent and in order to blur faces out because I think it's rad to do so. Simply put, I'm not sure if that shit even happened in the summer, but I do know that if you know the whole story behind that night, which happened many moons ago, then you know it was awesome, and know it would be an integral part of Best Summer Ever, if only for shits and giggles. Jr. Mint knows.

If anything I'm hyped to be in a house by myself; my own house, that's that new shit.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would blur out my face too if I got it on with that chick in the pink shirt. I mean look at that forehead or should I say fivehead. Best summer ever? Only if you were in love with Destro from Cobra on G.I. Joe.