August 10, 2008

Snuffed Out

Judging contests can be hella trife and then you need some really good skateboarding to fill the gaps. Hence, Snuff. I wasn't around when it first came out, but Vang had a dubbed copy at 1072 which lacked Dill's part for some reason. I finally saw Dill a couple of years later and the Jackal's "Dill arm" is totally explained by that switch heel nose wheelie. Andy Stone was a fave back in the day, and Adam McNatt was always pretty craze, even before the homemade rail 50-50s to nollie flip and weird early grab nollie front flips. Then there's Gino, someone who has gotten one-name status, despite the fact that Gino Perez was a pretty decent ripper; just not legendary. More Gino: Less than a 1:20 of footage never tasted so good. More 101 business here.

Happy late birthday to Bauman, hope the booze and cruise was epic.

And then the question of what else? On judging skateboarding contests and making the correct but unpopular decision; I won this contest at Woodward 10 years ago, and when they announced that I'd won, I was straight up booed. I mean, my cabin had my back, thanks dudes, but other than that, the rest of the kids were hating the fact that the kid that dropped in on this really big ramp didn't win. I was fucked. But wait, counselor dudes stepped up and said something to the effect that I'd done the hardest tricks. For full disclosure, I did do a backside nosegrind shuv-it in my run, man (I pretty much don't remember anything else about the run). And this makes sense since chaboy Dan Narloch won today, and I heard some kids muttering that, "There must be something wrong with those judges." Allow the youthful ignorance. Good job Dan. Last part in Boondoggle? Would I be surprised? No.

Get me a flyer for that Boondoggle premier, Saturday the 23rd of August in 2008, four PM at Oak Street Cinema. I'm finding myself to be excited. Where's the after-party again?

Oh yeah, Sk8 Mafia at the Berrics is hella sick.

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w00t w00t! Dan Narloch Boondoggle hype!