August 9, 2008

A Late Summer's Dream; And Taking Stock

I returned home tonight, well, actually during the drive back, and realized that as I was half to 3/4's drunk, that I hadn't taken stock of an awesome summer in the public's eye. And so, here's to a day spent waking up early to judge a contest at the Lair with friends, and then, half way through intermediate, cracking beers and finding oneself at a point where it's a good idea to scrap that midnight movie and go to bed at ten. You feel me?

Things That I Have Done Enough Of:
Drinking Beer
Smoking Cigarettes
Driving a car through Nebraska

Things That I Haven't Done Quite Enough:
Swam In Water
Living the good Fake Life

Things I'm Not Getting Enough Of (one way or another):
Listening to Belle And Sebastian
Making out with chicks
Good haircuts. But I'm working on it.

And there you have a completely random stock check. I realized last night or this morning that I've got essentially two more weeks of this summer shit, and I don't want it to ever end, but then again I'm someone who needs deadlines and things to look forward to and or dread. So we're good. Here's to the amazing weather that we've had in the past two months, pretty much, and a long and temperate fall. Fingers crossed.


dawg the bounty hunter said...

get off your dead ass and get gettin'!

dudemanbrah said...

Start dreamweaving fucker!

corrupt said...

not getting laid or skating as much as you want? Welcome to the real world son!

Popped Collar Bro said...

College is starting up again in a few weeks. Plenty of nubile freshman to take advantage of.

stacybennett said...

miKe ur w0rdZ insPirE MiLl0nS, keEp Up dA WurK!

the mantis said...

Man, come the fuck on there's already a tv show about a crybaby skateboarder. I didn't know you were trying to get a show. What does MTV think? They could probably care less. This post is like that Justin Timberlake song "Cry me a river". By the way if you do film a part use that as your song, that might get you some chicks to makeout with at those highschool parties you attend because of all the Coors Light. Shit, you might get on tv. "To Catch a Predator" could have a cameo for you. And if you get that part, then it will kick start your career. But your career will be short lived and end up on "Lock up Raw". Your roll will be "The Hardest Mother Fucka's Bitch"!

the mantis said...

Fuck, I forgot one more thing. Mr. Popped Collar Bro, are you totally fucking gay? You are king of date rape. Even calling yourself popped collar bro sounds gay. You probably have two polo's on with both collar's popped, Hey, Quit Smiling, Your Life is Shit.

popped collar bro said...

I am gay. Gay 4 the mantis.

the mantis said...

I don't know what to say, I'm blushing. Popped collar bro loves me, he really loves me. Well fuck off. I thought you were talking about freshman chicks not men that are fresh. I think that the Syphilis has spread to your brain!



proud wiener dog said...

Hey Mantis, I voted for Coors Light....... twice!