July 31, 2008

I Like My Girls A Little Bit Older

Reason #1086 to return to NYC: the spot at Ikea, pictured above. It's pretty much like, damn dude, let's talk about this, this dream spot that was pretty much designed with, and I don't think I'm going to far with this, um, me, in mind. Chances really are that it won't be skateable by the time I'll make it back out there, but, you know, I can dream. I've still got that. Thanks to Pat and Neal for giving me something to drool and dream over.

In other Neal news, that fool got a job, ending his fake life jaunt. Good job, call me some time.

At Chipotle today we were looking at USA Today and saw an ad for the X-Games, something which, while still completely whateverz to me, is something that people have begun to grudgingly accept as something that just happens now. I'm sure Dave Carnie still has plenty of vitriol for the X-Gaymes as he so lovingly referred to them, but at the same time, as pointed out, there's a shrugging acceptance. Point in case, Skatedaily reporting some sort of preview, which does contain a small disclaimer, then continues on to go decently in depth about the event. Interesting. 700 or so words interesting? I don't know. Their photo of the Superpark thingy is interesting for sure though. The other thing that comes to mind is Dave Swift and his issues with ESPN. Read it there, and those photos are pretty damn sick. So um, just saying.

What else? Oh yeah, plant that flag. Piggy-backing on the esoteric.

Beez coverage man. They're the feel good hit of the summer.

Here's a good one, is the Boondoggle premiere less than a month away? Yes. August 23rd at Oak Street Cinema? 99% sure, Tucker isn't on i-chat, so I cannot confirm. Dudes gotta get me a flyer.

Yeah! Reeves' part from the new City video. Scoops!


Anonymous said...

outfield nice!

Anonymous said...

coors lite is horrible

platinumseagulls said...

Coors Lite (sic) is horrible? Hell nah! It's the most thirst quenching beverage in the known universe. Beyond that, it's the most technologically advanced liquid known to man; it's more advanced than plasma fool. Get your facts straight.

platinumseagulls said...

Oh, and just bury that "anonymous" shit, even if you gotta be "Turbo Nigga" put something in there.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Reeves what can I say. Finally someone didn't follow in Chad Benson's foot steps and stay in Mn. and be a turn myself pro hometown hero. Hopefully the other Mn. rippers that can probably make it in the pro skateboard world don't pull a Benson, get it Benson like Roy Munson in the movie Kingpin. Oh yeah one more thing fuck Chad Benson

Anonymous said...

i'll bet steel reserve is prefered over coors lite.