March 28, 2016

The Purple One

000P0S0L0Y000 from Paisley Skates on Vimeo.

Spring skating in the garage -- where else? -- tied in with Bratrud's Chemtrail deck from Paisley. Saturday night was the release; it was good. More concerted updates happening?


Wylie T. said...

What we need happening -- bad! -- is an exposé on Davis Torgerson's "Substance" part.
I haven't seen the part yet, because I haven't bought the video yet, but just because neither has happened, it doesn't mean Davis doesn't deserve recognition for defying my assertion (made fall 2015 in a typed letter) that there "aren't anymore recent Davis memories to draw upon."
There are now totally recent Davis memories to draw upon, so let us draw upon them before the flaky Jon Nguyen steals last-part and all the surrounding memories. We'll follow up about this soon, no doubt.

sprntrl said...

What need happening is people to support said video and purchase it. Then you can do said expose

Wylie T. said...

I fully agree; that's why I'm purchasing it this evening, shortly after which the exposé will follow.

Wylie T. said...

P.S. "Substance" is currently sold-out in all metro skateshops, so the exposé will have to wait several days, unless you want Benson and I to do one on Dolan Stearns's part instead, in which we question his paper-thin shoes, no-complys, high-waters, bonelesses, hipster modesty, and why such things hold sway in Transworld videos, even.
(You might not like that alternative option.)