August 14, 2015

Iota in Oshkosh

A kind commenter dropped this unseen (by me) gem last night. Evidently, 12 years ago, the majority of the Iota Skateboards dudes drove the 200 plus miles to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for what looked like a pretty decent demo. Featuring Brian Heck, Chad Benson, Olu Pratt, Jeremy Reeves and Steve Nesser, along with the Oshkosh locs. Sadly, there's no sound, but archeologists gotta take what they can get, that's a saying. Elsewhere:

Wylie eating a can of tuna

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Shit's in the works.


Wylie T. said...

First, I very much support the tuna experience - budget-wise, health-wise.
Last, I don't know about you, but when I watch that demo footage and compare the skating in it, Chad Benson stands on the correct side of history in most respects - clothing, style, attitude, methodology, switch tricks, tidiness and all. So then why must I declare - each week - that "I accept Benson as he is!"?
Because Benson's repertoire continues to unman young adults, whether then or now.
Yet still I am thrilled for him! (No joking: Benson will be the subject of my next piece.)

sprntrl said...

Bshow w the delayed gansta landings😎