July 22, 2015


The guy asked another reporter as she was entering the newspaper building whether it was for lease. She said no, it's a newspaper. The guy, who had a septum piercing and longish hair, regular type build, chatted her up and said he wanted to find a strip mall space for an indoor park. He'd been looking in Mahtomedi as well.

Other stuff:

-Kids turns 20 next month. It was a strange mystery when we were just starting to skate roughly 20 years ago, too.

-Continuing the stream from above, Nthn Cmrn came up with this interview by Pat O'Dell with Harmony Korine. The bit on how his skate upbringing influenced the place and looks of Gummo is pretty good stuff, and his reflections on how violent youth used to/could be were interesting as well. Our little crew made it through our early skate-days without getting beat up for it, but all you needed to see was a truckful of assholes to feel the threat of violence.

-Figuring out how to write about surfing.

-A skater from Ames, Georgie Tsushima, died over the weekend. He was recovering from a brain injury and had just opened a shop the same day he died. There's a memorial jam planned, details in the link.

-Covered kind of a wild prison break/bank robbery last week.

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