April 14, 2015

Season Opener

Yeah, it's been a while--so long that I can only make pray hands at that third cantankerous comment on the last post from a month ago--so pray hands to everyone else, too.

For the time being, contemplate the vagaries of the printed/typed word/photographs and one-footers and stuff with Boil The Ocean. Also, purchase the latest/greatest from Wiskate, Too Stupid to Care. It's great.

Finally, eat up some vintage Elijah Collard shot by Terry Ferkey at Front Plaza today at lunch time--it's 75 degrees--and be satiated by the knowledge that I promise more posts soon. Promise. For now, check out The Heshdotcom, heard it's new, redesigned.

VP's got a new Narloch part all posted up.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

elijah wearing a pyramid country hat ? ha ha could be wrong though