April 28, 2015

I Married A Raver

Stumble upon the 20-year-old Chloë Sevigny New Yorker profile:

During the day, Chloë and Lila would hang out outside, with the skateboarders. Skateboarding is not quite equal-opportunity employment. The girls mostly watch. “You’d just sit there for hours waiting for people and watching people skate,” Lila says. “Skating is a little life style. They stick together. Skaters aren’t really into drugs. Just weed and booze. They shun hard drugs.”
You wish there were more on those guys, though they lurk in the background of 1994 NYC barely named--Harold, single name, comes up--while the writer lingers on fashion and kids at the club and thrift stores, so much of that.

I power ranked full length shoe company videos for Ride Channel in full and conscious anticipation of the Vans video that premieres Monday. I don't think I've seen Ride The Sky all the way through--tell no one.

News on Elliot Park: It's looking pretty good right now, FWIW. Been hearing lately of a bit of resistance to pristine plazas and an embrace of more traditional (read: shitty) skateparks. News:

Vadnais Heights is seeking input on a skatepark. They're operating off of a beginning Lion's Club donation of $2,000 and looking to fundraise for the thing, so, meager beginnings, but the more serious responses, the better.

File to "Bummer:" early reports indicate no Twin Cities stop on the Lakai/Emerica "Stay Flared tour, though there are Chicago, Milwaukee and Des Moines stops for those who feel like driving.

Another Wylie piece going up in a day or two.

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Wylie Tueting said...

Dear, Mike, in your shoe company rankings, you spoke of "Nothing But the Truth" pretty mildly, which is odd, since that's the worst movie we've ever seen.
But your praising "The Storm" makes up for it. (I've always thought B-Turner looked like The Predator bad-guy too.)