February 5, 2015

DEBRI2 Premiere

7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 20 at the Bell Museum on the University of Minnesota campus.

Also, Village Psychic has a different Jan Jacobson part, "Divine Hammer Loops", which we back because we love The Breeders allusions. You know.



Update II:

Other renditions:

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Wylie Tueting said...

I'm so at the Debris2 premier, as should be you.
And in the meanwhile, you musn't miss nor dismiss Sam Levy's "Oh Shewt" video, available now on YouTube. It's a metro homey-video at its best, and I won't believe anything different: it's got cigs and booze and green, but it also has lots of new spots, sincere amounts of effort, joyful editing, and a clear sense of whom the skaters are. (And K-Fed has a line it.)