December 18, 2014

Quarterly Report

Matt Nordness backside nosegrind revert. Photo by Bradford Bishop via Wiskate.

One of the best dudes out down I-94 East, Milwaukee's Matt Nordness was interview on Theories of Atlantis and talks about having diabetes, being a nurse at a children's hospital and skating here in the middle.

Nike SB "Salt Stains" Session from Anthony Hart on Vimeo.

Anthony Hart came up with the concept for a Dunk and put some stuff together for it, above, and got interview about it by Complex, here.

Cross promotion: Wrote about bonus skills you learn from skateboarding.

Required reading from BTO about the Plan B video (yeesh) and Sheckler.

Fairly psyched on what The Hesh found in the Lair card system, especially that American History X-ass looking photo of Jack. Should dig up more gems. Speaking of Jack, watch 'til the end: Oh, Jacky.

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Wylie Tueting said...

The Boil the Ocean article is an enjoyable one, but I think people are generally to hard on Sheckler for his youth, talent, and terminally good looks. It ain't easy being that way: you get singled out; do things you didn't really want, and say things you didn't really do.
Ever since he did that spirited run in the finals of the 2012 X Games, I forgave him for everything.
And my only hope is that he chooses Offspring's song "Americana" in his next video part.