October 2, 2014

The Recent Past

I'd never seen the above edit--it's by Pat Severin as mentioned on Peabody's Instagram--featuring a lot of dudes that typically don't make it in all the clips, like Egan and Longfield, Will Irgang and Peabody himself. When it all went down isn't quite clear, though end of the aughts would be my bet. Proper.

The indispensable dudes at Village Psychic did a round up on Beer Up, Bro Down and even put together a farewell to Glue Factory post.

Former loc Neal Erickson shoots a bunch of film for his photo blog and all indications (he told me so) point to him having a part in the Loof Life vid that premieres in Chicago on Oct. 11.

Episode 1 of the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast is out, which is actually the second episode, a follow-up to episode 0 that came out about a year ago. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I'm sure it's rad.

Again: I'm oh so pleased that I can pop a GIF on here without having to do the old tedious shit I used to have to do. Nabbed this from Mostly Skateboarding. It was supposed to be that one of Corey Kennedy doing a line in Australia but I came across this Davis banger, instead. Next time you're lurking Nicolett Island wishing that you lived there (like I wish), peep this thing under the bridge. Trick never got enough love on here; hopefully this rectifies that. Might even figure out how to make those bigger someday.

Chromeball with Lance Mountain commentary. I remember when I figured out that Lance Mountain was actually a significant dude and there was a reason that he hosted 411.

The other night I vibed hard on watching Outkast videos and found they have the best comments out:

Notable, too:


wheelbite said...

solid fuckin post!

Anonymous said...

I think most of that footage is around the time boondoggle was made

Anonymous said...

Yo where is this Nicolette island? I wanna ride down that double bank torgy killed