July 30, 2014

More Debris

How to make a promo.

Sophomore slump or their fifth video together? Isn't that one dude a doctor? First time full parts? Will there be space music? Will the Friends Section Allstars be in there? Do you understand the vibes about skating ice? How high can that one kid ollie? Didn't homeboy move to New York? Lines filmed from bikes? SD? How's quitting smoking going? He still has time to film for the locals? What is raw? Who do I call to try to get a clip in there? Are there any answers?


Update: Answer key.


Anonymous said...

From SLAP, "Very excited for this shit. Will be purchasing? I watch the first one regularly. Much prefer the direction these guys went in as opposed to Home Grown."


Wylie Tueting said...

I agree too, since I'm a guy who's all about "the feeling" of stuff, and all I know is that I was feeling really, really good when Dan Narloch's part -- with its warriorlike music and warriorlike skating -- played itself out in the first Debris.
But with Home Grown, I just couldn't recapture that feeling, even though the skating spoke for itself.

Wylie Tueting said...

Hey now, anybody in the mood for a good time?
Well then, I urge you to watch Tony Tave's "Theatrix" part, now available on YouTube.
I'd describe the experience as similar to being at an L.A. nightclub: there's some major booms and bangs, some major slow-mo for the chicks and homies, some strange bits of indifference from the lead performer -- and while the beat of the music keeps throbbing right along, you just can't seem to figure out why you're still so bored.
See a Lee Yankou part for detox.