June 5, 2014

Davis Torgerson Turned Pro

Surprise parties can be unwelcome, underwhelming or otherwise unsuccessful, but not Davis Torgerson's surprise tonight. Some 60 or so people, friends, family and Real Skateboards teammates massed behind Familia HQ, while Davis was brought to the park to film, a successful ruse. While Davis was distracted, we streamed in the backdoor of the park and laid in wait.

Davis was caught completely off-guard; after things settled down, he said he'd have expected some teammates to surprise him, but not the group that did, complete with his mother, who lives in Chicago.
The board graphic is sick, and for those wondering, the board is an 8.06, from what I saw. There was supposed to be a video, teammates like Max Schaaf, who couldn't make it, wishing congratulations, and a trailer for Davis' upcoming web part, but the DVD didn't work. It didn't matter, though.

While folks milled around, got their face time with DT and drank beers that miraculously kept appearing out of nowhere, Dennis Busenitz and a couple other dudes, then just Busenitz, skated some. He, on a skateboard, is something to behold, and even if you didn't already have to come out to the demo tomorrow (Familia HQ, 4:00 p.m.) to give Davis some pounds, now there's Busenitz.

Davis was way more hyped, and red in the face, than the picture above suggests. Congrats.
Props to Tim Fulton for lining the thing up.


Anonymous said...

unrelated to this post but something I caught on the hesh.com post of "almost famous", Daniel Espinoza rockin a Cal deck with a familia stick,


just an observation

Anonymous said...

glad he went pro ilove this blog