March 23, 2014

Assorted Feelings

A way to self-plagiarize that's transparent--"cherry" (the Supreme Video) got me pretty good and geeked this weekend. Having spoken to dudes, reactions have ranged from "It's good for what it is," to my own, tempering reaction of "It's imperfect, but not that imperfect, and it's wholly what it is supposed to be." This is high ad and art, success in selling the feeling; this is pretty succinct:
I watched "cherry" early Saturday morning and went into the day with slightly dreamy perception, that feeling of leaving the theater and reentering the world. Chalk it up to winter's last throes and a need for sun and city, the successful transfer of the feeling. The skating is all there. Strobeck made it all happen. Top three video of the year, probably.

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Anonymous said...

Tim Fulton in the "cherry" credits tho.