January 13, 2014

Then Was Later

2014 is proving problematic, thus far. Skate memories that seemingly took place not that long ago have actually receded quite far into the past. Example: The clip above is dated 11/19/02 at the Wiskate post from which I scooped it, making it 11-or-so-years. That means the "recent" remodel at The Marbles is not recent, the lower Metrodome ledges have been gone much longer than I'd have thought and Lutzka has been that good and that dude for a real long time. I've got a feeling this will keep happening every year.

Apropos of above, London Luke put together clips from a trip to skate Wisconsin crete last summer. RFC.

More recently, Kevin Horn and co., along with on-screen talent Kirian Stone and Pete Spooner, made a multi-camera man steady shot clip at Familia HQ. Pose as a film buff speculating about shots like that; good work.

The future is now and it's all Vimeo posts.

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