December 9, 2013

You Know That Dude

This is more for the record than breaking news: Jack Olson won Tampa Am yesterday with his first run in the finals--the third run overall of that last section of the contest--and it wasn't really all that close after that. He did it in a manly manner and that 180 switch crook pretty much sealed the deal as far as I'm concerned. Congrats; it's worth noting that dudes from Minnesota have won in Tampa for the past two years. Here's the winning run, below:

Elsewhere, Dan Jackson and dudes lugged a refrigerator all over downtown during fairer weather and these are their stories.

Finally, whether you've seen the video or not, Nike's Chronicles 2 will be projected on the wall at Familia HQ tonight, and in these cold-ass times sometimes a good excuse to get out of the house is all you need.

1 comment:

Wylie Tueting said...

Hooray for Jack Olson! Does this mean that we will not be seeing him again in person, ever? Perhaps, since winning Tampa Am changes people big time, like Sierra Fellers, who started looking like a picture-perfect Zumiez model thereafter (or did he not always look like a Zumiez model? Perhaps).
And lastly, since when does Mr. Jackson look like a young man again on camera? Is it the jeans or the gym?