December 17, 2013

Current Events

The photo above has nothing to do with the post at hand, though much with my ongoing fascination of "Scott Parkin, Urban Luxury Specialist," and now the brave local hero who is making himself up like our favorite realtors and pasting his face over theirs.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will vote to finalize the Northeast Park master plan Wednesday night, details are in the previous link. Said master plan allocates 30,000 square feet for a skatepark. Per Witt Siasoco, who has been actively attending MPRB meetings and emailing information, "This doesn't mean that we are going to get it anytime soon (there will be tons of fundraising needed), but I think it's a huge move for the MPRB."

For a detailed look at the plan that will be voted upon, there is a multi-page PDF here. The document lays out the projected spending for the more than $5 million improvement project.

The Hesh's recent coverage of the GOING TO FLAT phenomena has been excellent.

Quartersnacks dove into flatground feats without factoring in possible effects of the floor at Seaport.

Tanner VanVark's summer vacation had some notable moments including new lines on campus and sketchy cavemans Good work.

While I'm torn over the necessity of a minute-plus-long trailer for a stand alone local video part, I like the concept of filmed at night in downtown St. Paul and I think the one "thumbs down" on the promo is a dick-move. Here's the Grady Moquin: Dexterity in the Dark trailer.

In fact, the "thumbs down" Youtube button is always a dick-move. Am I being smarm-ish? Scocca?


Wylie Tueting said...

"Dexterity in the Dark" is lookin' like it's goona be some sick homespun, old-school/new-school type of stuff. And I'm goona be watching it doubtless.

Anonymous said...

grady is going to the right direction. very relatable.

Sam said...

Does anyone remember way back like, i'm talking, fur dayyyys ago there was a Real Demo at the lake street third lair. Cairo Foster tried a switch frontside flip from the top of the Euro gap to flat (much like that set up I may add) I think nearly the whole demo....

I forgot if he landed it but it's pretty much all I remember from the demo.