June 17, 2013

What The Devil?

This is appropriate, given recent weather conditions. The source.

Following a long hiatus, THEHESHDOTCOM is back, no doubt sustained by a steady fuel of booze, drugs and all-caps. Domain rentals typically last two years, let's wish them luck.

I do not remember if this was previously linked; buy any and all Dana Ross videos or paraphernalia here.

Details for Go Skateboarding Day are right here.

Thoughts on that Appleyard part? I found it a bit underwhelming, I guess (agreeing with this), mostly because I'd just watched this Tyler Surrey and Gustav Tonnesen section.

PJ Ladd as Wu Tang and it works.


jonathan richman said...

appleyards fakie flip switch crook

Templeton said...

I felt underwhelmed too. I had just watched that Tim Zom Bombaklats part.

Anonymous said...

underwhelmed? In this day and age of boring style and trick lists I found Appleyard to be extremely fun to watch. As always his style shines through, and the 180 fakie 5-0 to fakie flip was insane!!! I Disagree on this one Munzy.




Wylie Tueting said...

It's an interesting question, indeed, whether I felt Appleyard's part was a bit "underwhelming." Hmmm! . . . I would just say that, while I definitely felt there was a lack of hard-driving or creative lines in the part, the part was fairly impressive, generally; and Appleyard's style was gliding about gracefully, as usual. He doesn't quite suck me in like he did in the days of Sorry and Really Sorry, but his delicacy-of-form and rail-competence -- the former typified by his bs nosegrind pop-in on the hubba to steep roll-in (note his American flag T-shirt there, cheay!), and the latter typified by his kickflip fs crook through the donky of the handrail (Ooh!) -- always manage to remind me. . . .