June 5, 2013

Then and Now

The final selection from the depths of the internet features a video sort of about my first time to New York City in 2003. Dan Jackson, via, perhaps, the most useful Youtube comment ever, had this to say about the clip above.
I didn't even recall this edit, Mike. Some notes:
-I believe our group thoroughly cleaned the ground on one side of Flushing grate, making it safe for all future skaters.
-The subway skating was heavily frowned upon & believe there was a threat of police waiting at next stop for us.
-Pretty hyped I yelled "Oh, I'm dying" whilst safely running out of a trick.
-I did NOT remember a trick landed on the roof bank before "The Incident." Props to Sam for pulling that off in a short window!
Familia at Soundset from a week and a half ago.

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