May 24, 2013

Youtube Does Not An Update Make

Fans of the site from 2006 might remember the post name as a frequent post name from some time ago. Above is the latest cutting room floor (or drive? a single hard drive for throwaway in a dedicated room? that might not work anymore) montage from Tim Fulton, one of the latest dudes to move out West. Tim works well behind the camera and will do just fine doing so while making money, and it's cool to see that he's still able to film his friends and it looks the same but in California. Tim also came home earlier this spring, and put together an Alec Majerus clip at 3rd Lair where the dude backs up his MINNESOTY claim or whatever that was, and then some. Finally, there's this DC/Davis clip featuring one of the better skateboard voice-overs ever (read, least contrived/obviously awkward), about Day of Familia, which took place this past weekend. The opening line is great (watch the feet), it's cool to see Davis do the DT Ripper and the whole thing works.

Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

I actually thought this was an informative update with relevant clips, so youtube might an update make, sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Also, it would be interesting to look at the view count for this site, I feel like a lot of people actively come to this site but people have been blowing comment-wise lately

Anonymous said...

you suck munz. this blog is played out