February 6, 2013

The Last Slice/Such Thing Didn't Happen Yet

Via press release:
"PHP's newest video The Last Slice. Filmed by Dana Ross, edited by Chuck Odima and Dana Ross. Featuring Tim Bennet, Grady Moquin, Shane Brown, Jan Jacobson, Trevor Carlson and Pete Klink."
Odds are the premiere will be in Stillwater. The big question is whether or not Dana will be able to turn his back on filmmaking, forever, which is a long time. Clear eyed and pure, we look on and wait.

As a postscript to the Instagram photo from the last post, here's a digi-cam video by Vinnie that depicts people we know skateboarding as if they existed in a video game. Seriously. Kirian's pop and Jamiel's footwork would either create a super-skateboarder or a cross between Blake Griffin and Al Jefferson (in basketball-low-post-terms).

Speaking of the basketball, if you're following the Timberwolves and this very weird/depressing/strangely entertaining season, you know Shved. I've read a couple of interviews with him that have been translated from the original Russian and they're quite consistently entertaining. This most recent interview is no exception. Choice cuts:

"You are a fan of The Simpsons and of Homer Simpson in particular. What in America made you recall some of the scenes from the cartoon?

Well, that everybody loves donuts here, and I eat them too. People mostly drink beer and not stronger drinks, exactly like in The Simpsons."

"Are there any restrictions set by the club concerning food and alcohol?

Nothing special. If you want to drink some beer, nobody will be against it. What’s important is to know your measure and to do well in practice.

What if one comes to practice when hung over?

Such thing didn’t happen yet."

So there's a chance?

I'm late to the party, once more, but I'm not sure a lot of other people found it either: Sam McGuire interviewed Gwar frontman/thing Oderus Urungus for an ill-fated Thrasher piece; there's always another reason to send you back to his website. The interview, obviously, is great.


Dan Rusin said...

Rumor has it the Pizza Cam is getting focused at the premiere

Anonymous said...

where does the 800 pound gorilla sit on the bus? Anywhere he wants to sit!

Sandbox said...

Gnar = Kirian kickflip 5050ing the box at 0:17 and just landing 2/3 of the way on the other end.

jonathan richman said...

kierians nose wheelie nollie flip is fucked

Anonymous said...

Do I need weed socks in order to hashtag #familiaboys?
I just want to feed like I'm a part of the team that familia doesn't have.

Professor said...

dang that lil park they skate is Tight! thats wut i was trying to get the new front street to be like but they just HADD to spend all the money on elevated platforms...