February 19, 2013

"skate like he was knifing himself"

The closest I ever came to going to the Skate Oasis was in '91 or '92 after seeing a KARE 11 package on the place. I bugged my mom for a few days, but supposed distance of travel from the western suburbs and my little dude status kept us away.

Aside from being able to call out Lynch, Leroux and Woody from the promo above, the dude who did frontside grind after frontside grind stuck out; yup, that's Judd, that extended right arm gave him away. My input on this only goes so far, but luckily Youtube comments are, at times, useful:

"woody, ryan fabry and judd were always nice to me. Scissors was a dick, also that fucker that used to call me Elvis that used to skate like he was knifing himself. I saw him skating at the hyatt banks and he was wearing an Oilers beanie. he used to make fun of me because I would always to airwalks and ron allen moves. he did teach me ollie impossibles when I traded him my ron allen fire hydrant deck for his jason Rogers deck. he's still an asshole."


I feel like any of us, given some distance in time and a block of old footage from old haunts could come up with similarly pointed recollections.

In other multi-decade old clip news, check out young Muldoon.



wheelbite said...

the oasis looks way better than any other park we've had ever. EVER. vert ramp, 2 spined mini ramps, another mini ramp and an "ever changing street section" let me at em.

Anonymous said...

I believe I can also ID Nate Shegaby, Doozer (Dan Thompson) and Bob Bogema. Judd, a little help with the rest! And hard to tell, but I suspect some of the little kids on the street course may be some of today's prominent "old dude's".

-Dan Jackson