January 14, 2013

Hear Your Heartbeat

Admittedly, I was beginning to think I'd never get the return on my investment for kickstarting with these dudes. I wasn't even going to sweat it, but sources say the video and book will be out soon for the Done Trip 2.0 (sources are Sam McGuire's Facebook page.).

Aaron Christensen's part from Debris is available for online viewing. The comments section likes his socks.

Sending positive vibes to Patrick Voller, who did quite the number on his ankle this past weekend. Stay up.

Apologies for the 10 day gap in posts. What was I doing last week?


wheelbite said...

aaron's part is sick!

SPRNTRL said...

I would heart an update

Wylie Tueting said...

I still have not seen all of Pretty Sweet; however, what I have now seen is Guy Mariano's part, and I can hardly believe that people haven't posted about that. Oh, it's an amazing part no doubt, but it's also brutal! Even without the song, how natural can that video part possibly seem? With few lines, an awful lot of ledge tricks, some awkward slow-mo, and a fair amount of those (melo)dramatic little clips of him pausing with his mouth open and stuff -- how enjoyable can his part be? And I'm a needless critic, but still.