December 5, 2012

Community Organizing

This is not the Front St. Skatepark, but close.

The civically minded among us should go to the next Front Skatepark planning meeting, which is December 11, this next Tuesday, at the North Dale Community Center, at 6:40 p.m. Thanks to Dan Rusin for the heads up (follow him on the Twitter @DanRusin).

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zackofshit said...

Dan rusin, MattParker, Kyle Plathe, and i (zack goulet) were the only ones to show up last meeting.

we really need some core dudes (the hesh & familia team) to show up to the final meeting which is expected to be a couple weeks after the new year in january because the parks and rec board guys who sit in on the meetings really like to see the passion of our involvement. They are already considering adding money to their budget because of how important this park is to us.

We really want to try to push for lights at this park, if that means stripping the design down to something like just a flatbar and ledge for a spot to skate when its dark.

Another thing, if anyone reads this, Kanten Russel, the guy working with us from ASD, is all for us sending him photos of favored obstacles that we would like to see built so, you can email them to me and i would be happy to forward them to him.