November 12, 2012

Back Here in the Middle

Quartersnacks keeps improving certain video parts as Reynolds ages oh so gracefully. When is QS going to be tasked with creating the first edit of some as-yet-out-there-in-the-ether on-or-offline video production? Does edited by QS hold that much sway for a first viewing or will the secondary hype continue to carry the day? PS: Will anyone in Pretty Sweet give Baker a run for its money as "Kings of the School Yard Run?"

Back here in the middle, Alec "Not Alex" Majerus gets the Nieratko-nice-guy treatment at ESPN. Aside from coming off as a down-to-earth, nice kid, he shows his Butt-Town pride name checking the one and only B-Show. Long mellowed out, the B-Show abides.

Injury Reports: Chase Budinger of the Twolves has a torn meniscus (spelled that second try!) and will be out, hopefully, for roughly two months. May no one else on the roster get hurt. Closer to home, Nate Compher gave some of us quite the scare with some handrail antics*, a couple weeks back, leading to some sort of unknown knee injury. It looks now like he's got 9 weeks left on a dislocation. Yikes, still. Get better, Nate.

From the outside world: The New Yorker with a primmer on what it was like to vote in the olden days.

Rumors: They're editing Debris as I type and if they were to hold true to the premiere date of "Snowfall 2012," it would have been today. Let's iron this out.

Are you down with #ChilisinNE?

*You know, just a nollie 180 switch feeble.


Anonymous said...

I think you greatly underestimate the mini-picnic-tablery(?) that will go down in pretty sweet

platinumseagulls said...

@anonymous I really hope you're right, though the Reynolds/Herman duo are the current champs.

Andre said...

Did anyone catch that the Espn writer wrote that Rochester was a tiny town just shy of Canada on the Alec Majerus interview?