October 10, 2012

Some Things Are Meant To Be

It's a bit of a relief that Randy Ploesser finally has a board with his name on it. In fact, his first pro model is a time machine of sorts, so zorb out on that and buy one.

This Plan B "Interactive Montage" is self-described as "next level," comparable to Questionable and SHS. Try to watch the whole thing.

Pizzy and Mike star in this Wiskate vid that's a prefect time capsule from the early aughts, also a case study in ways to powerslide. Hope the elbow feels better, Pat.

Perhaps you hadn't heard: Our very own Nate Compher got married last month. Congratulations to him and Krystal. This is Nate doing a really big jump on a snowmobile.


Anonymous said...

nate has more style on a skateboard. it's time for another skate part nate.

also, plan b thing is cool, but get's old.

Andrewpaulsen said...

randy was a mongo?

platinumseagulls said...

I'm thinking that was an historical reenactment.

Anonymous said...

Plan b has the laziest/worst design department.