October 3, 2012

Debate Night

The above is Sugar in the Raw 2 by Dan Narloch, Tim Huey and Micah Pususta. It's about a year old but brand-new to the web. It rules and you should watch it.

Earnest PSA:

Dear 'gullers, sorry to commandeer Platinum for a few moments, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that came out Saturday night for the Filler2D premiere. I also wanted to solicit comments regarding both the video itself as well as the venue (feel free to comment on just the vid if you weren't at premiere). Most people won't just come up to me & say this or that sucked, so, thanks to ability to post anonymously, this is about the best place I could think of to find out what people really thought. The theatre was EXTREMELY cheap, so may be option for future events. Don't bother commenting on the patchwork screen or DVD sticking during the showing since I'm already well-aware of those issues, which are part of "get what you pay for", but are those shortcomings (along with any others) worth the several hundred dollar difference from another venue? So, thanks again for giving us the time watching the video as well as five years in the skate community.

-Dan Jackson



Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

I personally thought the video was a good watch. It's always nice to see the older dudes still ripping even though they have day time jobs. I really liked tabari's part even though you could tell the majority of his footage was throw away (Home Grown), it was still awesome to see that even his throw away is still fun to watch, my favorite part is definitely Jamiel's, bunch of manual variations i've never thought of before, song was ridiculous but i felt like it fit with the video, transitions between parts was humorous and original, the only thing i would have changed is to add names to the guys in the friends section (especially for the milwaukee friends), all in all it was a fun video to watch

Anonymous said...

Is the video online?

Anonymous said...

Overall I thought it good, fun skating. It seems you and the dudes put in a lot of hard work...and probably for no other reason than for the love skateboarding. I liked the friend sections because it was inclusive of lots of different people, scenes, crews, shops, etc.

Anonymous said...

Vid will be online soon--just want to give shops some time to sell a few. We only did 100 copies, so if you want to support the cause, grab one quick. Yes, you will be able to watch it for free, but give some thought to the importance of buying a copy to keep these types of things running (especially when Debris & Home Grown come out). Sorry, enough of the public radio fundraising efforts! As for titles during friends sections, I did that on original Filler & think it doesn't work well when dude has one trick, so viewer ends up reading instead of watching trick. That or I got lazy editing this time around. Thanks for comments--keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

bring some up to damage next time you're in town, if there is still a supply. I would like to get a copy, since i couldn't make the premier this time around. Thanks!

-Kyle Walczak

Anonymous said...

Copies were mailed & should be at Damage tomorrow. Thanks, for the clips by the way, Kyle!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was dope. As a lifer who's 33, I draw inspiration from dudes my age who are still gettin it in. Chad's part was so good. Steig killed it. Ryan Hansen's footage is always so fresh. I just liked the downtown vibe and the relatability of the video as a whole. Long lines in videos always are welcome and Tabari's opening one was awesome. Jamiel closed it out and I'm glad he's pro. Terry Ferkey

Anonymous said...

I was backin it so hard. Fun level was on point. My only criticism would be to leave out the milwuakee section and integrate them into the friends section. I thought that was the only thing that didn't match the vibe of the rest of the video. As for the theater, I thought it was awesome. I wasn't any less comfortable there than other video premiers, and the screen just made it all the more raw!