September 25, 2012

Protest Extra Point

Zach Moore was born in Minnesota and went to school in NYC and has made videos for Lake Owen. His part rips with a good mix of the two places he's called home; he's a mean 360 ollie kickflip, fakie too.

Proof is coming in that the new Woodbury park is looking pretty fun, via David Fink and Twitter. A bit of skepticism is still in order, per this, but at least one of the parks under construction right now looks like a keeper. Shouldn't they all be, though?

The Twolves have come to an agreement to sign Louis Amundson, which makes them, perhaps (unscientifically), more than 66.333% a white basketball team. This would not merit mention on this blog site unless Ben Polk at A Wolf Among Wolves had not already discussed and crushed the whole "White Wolves" thing last week. He's already chimed back in.

Watch the end of that Monday Night Football game? Eddie, where you at? Scab refs blowing it, to the point where the commentators, at the risk of blowing huge television contracts, were calling out the bullshit refereeing. I don't care for the game much, but man, let Tom Scocca tell you why you shouldn't too, better than I could. I digress. Go Wolves.


danrusin said...

Zach has been killing it for years and I'm glad that people are finally starting to take notice. I'm super hyped on this part!

As for the Woodbury park, I'd like to ask everyone to PLEASE not skate it until it's completed and ready to skate. The contractor is very mad that people are skating it because of the risk of damage to the concrete. Also, the city and a ton of other people have put a lot of time, effort, and money into making this place a reality, and it would really suck for it all to go to waste just because someone was impatient. It should be ready to skate very soon, so have some patience and just wait a couple more weeks. Don't be the idiot that ruins it for the people that actually live in Woodbury.

That's my two cents. I figured I'd post that on here since people might actually read it.

danrusin said...

In addition to my above comment, I just got this message from the director of the Woodbury project, Reed Smidt:

"If people stay off, it will be open sooner than later. The final construction process will be completed next week and then a 10-12 day curing process needs to take place. Its critical that everyone stays off until the cement, especially on the sections that are yet to be poured, cures properly. It's your park, mess it up now and it will be like that permanently."

So yeah, please just wait until then to check it out. Sorry for posting 2 comments in a row. It seemed necessary.