June 6, 2012


I endeavored to clean up the desktop and found what is labeled as a Molotov ad from 1990 featuring the one and only Danny Jansen. As if on cue from 22 years ago, he, of course, is skating the rails at MCTC, which conjures visions of Roll videos from the hazy early-Aughts.

Steve got the Chrome Ball treatment.

It's Sam McGuire's birthday today. I don't know why this still exists since my TSM blog is gone, but here's the only known existing interview with SVM.

As an addendum to the note I placed on the previous post, please take notice that any NBA predictions I made in the past week or so are now null and void. That said, enjoy the fashion show.


Anonymous said...

you should ask danny about his board setup for the ad his ad down the 11 at the uofmn. hands-down the greatest skateboarder minnesota has ever seen.

aplusen said...

i gotta say that the only one ive seen hit a rail with a grab is mr pratt. THATs very under rated. we need a post on that footy!