May 30, 2012

The Tambo Cometh

Head down to Calsurf on Friday (June 1!) to hopefully see a triumphant CJ Tambornino rip apart a big-time company video, doing all the expected NBDs the way, only he, so well, could do.

It's a shame so many other dudes are getting higher billing than our local boy, CJ (in light of this recent post, no, I'm not overvaluing locality), but I have a feeling East Lake Street's finest will come through. He, buried at the end of the poster, might just be the sleeper guy like Bill Murray* in some zombie movie, stealing the show.

*Murray and CJ similarities, with no mention of Slimer, go!

PS: No higher res flyer could be found at the time of this typing.


sprntrl said...

Cannot wait to see what CJ has up his sleeve!

Spongebreh said...

Me earlier today: "OH SHIT, new posts two days in a row!"

Me now: "OH SHIT, two posts in one day!"

platinumseagulls said...

Hey Spongebreh,

There are more coming in 48 hours or so because they've garnered it (summer!), but thanks for being so "OH SHIT" on the output. I appreciate it.

Mighty Roll said...

it should be almost presents...CJ Tambornino and some other bumz