May 10, 2012

Stadium Bills

This sat on the desktop for a while: Mike Guy boardslides while a pint-sized Jamiel Nowparver looks on wearing some Koston 2s (based on the shoes' luminosity). The 90's.

This New York Times story about middle-aged people skateboarding is very strange. It's a story written by an outsider about outsiders which discounts about 25 years of skate history to maintain a pretty worn out narrative. That, and Stacy Peralta is insufferable.

Jerboi Spencer Gillespie re-edited Westgate footage for Jenkem.

Does the Viking's stadium approval simply mean the demise of the Metrodome as a spot?

On the non-skate front, here's some amazing reporting from Libya and a story that shows that what the president did yesterday was in fact a big deal, a story from the mid-90's on a string of murders of gay men in Texas.


Anonymous said...

Mike Guy in what appear to be some Guy Mariano Axion's? It's hard to tell. Mike, could you help confirm?

Wylie Tueting said...

I thought the New York Times article was useful and informative, for exposure can often benefit skateboarding in the long run, especially when it is through the New York Times. Perhaps.

jonathan richman said...

that ny times article was embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

'what is a hardy'

Anonymous said...

did anybody watch the pro tec pool party coverage? well im assuming people did, you ever think about all the raw street skating in the midwest has to offer and then turn old enough to realize a frontside heel to indy or layback grind from mr hosoi himself would be more more awesome than a pivot to fakie? i guess i was, but we grow old and respectful, omar hassan throws indy heels like its his last day to live and speaking of last day to live, danny way is god and the illusion is budda. long live the triumverate. our age may be dying, but certaintly is not dead. and im not even as old as some of you all mighty triumverates, keep going until the going is gone, which is until we meet a chick that is semi hot enough to pump out a skateboarder that hopefully is not named vanessa or marissa melon grab kickflips (fyi would marissa the girl who could kickflip and grab her melons not be catchy?), possibly elissa if anything. and if she owns a steamer better yet, sorry girls, go midwest! uprise, fullkit, familia, bbt, and any other shop, rep midwest hard as fuck!

Dave DWT

Anonymous said...

and i didnt pay homage to rampage skatepark. or supernatural clothing, nesser and or the midwest, were proud were we are from, or we should think so

Scott said...

now commutes from Grand Central Terminal to his office in SoHo on a 38-inch Bustin Maestro. “Skateboarding has that association: youth, punk, rebel,” he said. “It has that connotation of being bad.”