February 1, 2012

On Dunks and Video Parts

While the commentariat over at Boil The Ocean struggles over concerns of Mark Suciu and authenticity (yes, I added my two cents as well), my mind wanders to matters like the Herculean dunk above (violence!) and this piece by Bethlehem Shoals about quantifying, or qualifying the best dunk. As it happens, my mind wandered back to rankings in skateboarding, how frivolous a pursuit they really are (but how fun are they?) and then Shoals laid it all out so succinctly and with an analogy I can take to heart, I decided to post. Shoals says (apply this as you will to skateboarding):
"Dunks are a subjective shudder, felt by spectators, but mostly an exchange among players. Each dunk is singular, and yet very much the same: someone got totally fucked and all the world saw it. Ranking them is like comparing other people's genital size when we fans will all die virgins."
Virgins, man.

Edit: Jordan Sanchez!

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Anonymous said...

jordan sanchez: a direct commentary on the topic above? (what east-coast skating looks like done right?) that being said, i liked suciu's part, too. using the analogy, big dicks is big dicks, and they all help me get off. wait... was that a gay masturbation analogy? ...now i'm questioning my sexuality.